EXCLUSIVE: Germany student visa appointments available in VFS Delhi

EXCLUSIVE: Germany student visa appointments available in VFS Delhi

Germany student visa application appointments are now available again in New Delhi with postgraduate Master students from India now able to book appointments with VFS Global.

Global Education Times has learnt that VFS Global’s Germany visa application centre (VAC) in New Delhi has started appointment booking for Indian Master students in the NCR catchment area.

The appointments at the VFS Germany visa application centre in New Delhi are currently only available for postgraduate Master students, as well as those wishing to pursue their PhD or Post-Doc.

Germany student visa appointments in VFS Delhi available from November 2020

The VFS Germany visa application centre is allowing postgraduate international students book student visa appointment for November 2020.

If you are a postgraduate Master, PhD or PostDoc student, you can visit this page to book a German student visa appointment at VFS New Delhi.

The student visa appointment slots are expected to be filled quickly as they were made available to applicants from yesterday, Monday 17 August, for the first time since the COVID-19 lockdown.

Master students looking to book a visa appointment will need to be holding a binding and unconditional admission letter (“unbeschränkte Zulassung”) from a German university and a separate confirmation letter from the university that their personal presence in Germany is required for the course.

Attendance at the New Delhi Germany VAC will be by appointment only, and VFS has confirmed that, like its other VACs, strict social distancing rules and Coronavirus prevention measures are being enforced.

VFS also resumes accepting German student visa applications in Chennai and Hyderabad

Towards the end of last week, VFS Global announced that it will be restarting operations at its German visa application centres in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Chennai and Hyderabad’s VFS Germany VACs, like New Delhi VAC, are accepting appointments from Master students as well as PhD and Post-Doc students.

The Germany VAC in Mumbai, currently, is however only accepting appointments for PhD and Post-Doc students.

The resumption of visa services this week is just the first wave of limited services being rolled out in India by VFS, and more facilities and visa-processing services are expected to resume over the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Germany student visa applications at VFS Mumbai are now also being accepted from postgraduate Master students from 7 September 2020.

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  1. All the VFS centres are indulged in black market, lots of students have lost faith in this organization. VFS delhi slot got booked within the repoening week upto NOVEMBER, how can this be possible , as thousands of students are still trying to book visa interview dates. Similar is the case for VFS MUMBAI , KOLKATA, students future iz at stake.

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