La Trobe joins SGroup universities network - Global Education Times (GET News)

La Trobe joins SGroup universities network

Australia’s La Trobe University has joined the SGroup network of universities, with its membership coming into effect this month.

By joining the network, La Trobe becomes the first university from Australia to become an SGroup member.

La Trobe University’s statement said it ‘looked forward to collaborating with other SGroup members to advance La Trobe’s international links in academic research, strategic partnerships and exchange programs for students and staff’.

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International students enrolment increasing: OECD - Global Education Times (GET News)

International students enrolment increasing: OECD

The proportion of international students enrolment in higher education has increased in virtually all OECD countries over the last seven years, according to the latest OECD report.

The report also indicates the total number of globally mobile students is continuing to grow.

Luxembourg, a relatively small nation, has only 3000 overseas students in total, but has the highest ratio of international students enrolment at 47%.

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New Keele University business school campus unveiled - Global Education Times (GET News)

New Keele University business school campus unveiled

England’s Keele University business school in Staffordshire has unveiled its new state of the art campus.

The Keele University business school, which spans three storeys, has an open-plan layout designed to enable staff and students to build networks and teamwork effectively.

The state-of-the-art campus includes a 22-seat lecture theatre, a ‘think lab’ study space, data laboratory, café and business lounge.

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Imperial creates ‘Global MiM Network’ with 3 B-Schools - Global Education Times (GET News)

Imperial creates Global MiM Network with 3 B-Schools

Imperial College London has joined forces with three international business schools to create a ‘Global MiM Network’, a multiple school exchange programme for Master’s in Management students.

The Global MiM Network will allow four students from each member school to take courses from the other partner institutions. This will provide them with a more global study experience without the associated bureaucracy or cost of full-time overseas programme.

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