How students can stand out to recruiters

How students can stand out to recruiters

Georgios Chiotis is Director of Brand and Marketing at Scape

With January marking the beginning of the graduate recruitment season, many students begin to think about how they can stand out within an increasingly competitive graduate job market.

A recruiter will take an average of 6 seconds to review a CV, so it is crucial that students grab their attention from the get-go.

Good CV structure critical to attracting recruiters

The structure of a CV is one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process and is what will set you apart from other candidates at the beginning of the process.

The layout of your CV should allow space for the content to breathe – applicants should feel free to be creative and look to online CV templates for ideas.

Students should also bring in previous work experience and skills to set themselves apart, yet many students do fail to highlight all the talents they possess.

As student living specialists, Scape understand that Gen Z graduates have a lot to offer businesses, being the first generation to have grown up fully immersed in technology and everything that it offers.

Don’t under-estimate personal skills such as affinity to technology and languages

Graduates possess an almost natural affinity to digital technology. As this advanced understanding of technology is part of this generation’s every day, many students might take it for granted and forget to highlight it during the application process.

These applicants can create and edit a TikTok video on their phone faster than an in-house team ever could, but they rarely list ‘video editing’ as a skill on their CV.

Students should identify, and highlight skills that they believe will make them the right candidate for the job description listed, and not just focus on their academic merits, in order to bolster their applications, and help them stand out to recruiters.

Many students also narrowly focus on what previous job experience they have had and are therefore failing to showcase the many valuable skills that have gained during their time at university.

By pursuing a degree, students gain many transferable skills that are much more important to long term business success than an internship could ever be.

For instance, Humanities students will have gained pivotal analytical research skills that are needed within careers ranging from journalism to data analytics.

Furthermore, language students can adapt to a wide range of new environments and cultures; a skill needed for multiple career paths.

Recruiters love students with a flair for entrepreneurship

Lastly, students shouldn’t be afraid to showcase their entrepreneurial skills so that they stand out. University offers such a diverse and exciting range of platforms for students to develop themselves outside of the world of employment.

All of which create and nurture entrepreneurial talents and skills – from something as simple as joining or forming societies, volunteering for the union or representing the university through sport, music or debating, alongside the larger step of starting a business or enterprise, these experiences help to showcase a student’s capabilities.

These activities help to showcase a student’s drive, passion, and confidence, demonstrating key skills such as creativity, working to deadlines, self-discipline and engaging with others alongside their more general business ability.

At Scape we look to encourage students to develop their skills through our Future Shapers Startup Lab events which provide them with access to top industry CEOs. These business leaders offer advice, guidance, and talks alongside the chance for students to pitch their ideas to a panel of business owners.

Students possess many more skills than those that are awarded academically, embracing this way of thinking should stand them in good stead for when they apply for a competitive graduate position.

Pic: Clem Onojeghuo

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