Nexford University announces scholarships in honour of Equal Pay Day

Nexford University announces scholarships in honour of Equal Pay Day

Nexford University has announced that it will be offering scholarships to women for their MBA and BBA degree courses as part of its support for Equal Pay Day.

The Office of National Statistics reported on 29 October 29 that the gender pay gap currently stands at 17.3%, based on a median average, with this data leading to the derivation of this year’s date.

Equal Pay Day is a symbolic day dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap, which stands to represent the day upon which a woman’s salary is no longer equal to a man’s. This year, Equal Pay Day was marked on 14 November.

In light of this continued gender disparity, Nexford University, a US-based online-only university offering accessible business degrees, has pledged to tackle the problem through their scholarships.

With 51% of the population estimated to be women, Nexford will be offering 51% off its MBA and BBA degrees.

50 Women in Business scholarships available at Nexford University

Up to 50 Women in Business scholarships will be made available globally by Nexford University, reducing their tuition fees from $2000 for undergraduate degree and $2916 for an MBA.

Fadl Al Tarzi, Founder and CEO of Nexford, comments: “I feel a sense of disbelief even talking about gender pay disparity in 2019 at a time when people are planning a life on Mars. How can our world have advanced so much in some ways, but much less so in others?”

Dr Sheila Fournier-Bonilla, Chief Academic Officer of Nexford University: “Ensuring that women get the education they need to move up or into an industry that they’re eyeing is critical.

“We created this scholarship to empower women twofold – one, with the recognition to give women an edge in a crowded job market and two, with the competencies to help them succeed in leadership positions.”

Applications are open until Friday 29 November.

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