International students enrolment increasing: OECD

International students enrolment increasing: OECD

The proportion of international students enrolment in higher education has increased in virtually all OECD countries over the last seven years, according to the latest OECD report.

The report also indicates the total number of globally mobile students is continuing to grow.

Luxembourg, a relatively small nation, has only 3000 overseas students in total, but has the highest ratio of international students enrolment at 47%.

Considering major destinations, Australia has the largest proportion at 21% followed by New Zealand (20) and the UK (19).

Level of study linked to rate of international students enrolment

Authors of the OECD Education at a Glance 2019 report state that the proportion of international students increases as at more advanced levels of higher education.

While international students accounted for only four per cent of bachelor enrolments within OECD countries, they account for 13% of master’s students and 22% of doctoral enrolments.

The vast majority of destinations profiled in the study indicated that the proportion of international students was greatest at doctoral level, although with a higher ration of international master’s students (48) than doctorate students (32), Australia was an exception.

Germany, the top non-English speaking destination for international students enrolment, also had a higher proportion of overseas students.

The report showed that within the OECD area in 2017 there were 3.7 million international higher education students in 2017, a six per cent increase compared with the precious year. Globally there were 5.3 million students.

In 2017, the USA had the greatest share of international students among OECD and partner countries with 22% choosing this destination. They were followed by the UK (10), Australia (9) and France and Germany (6).

Most international students come from Asia, then Europe

The home countries of students were largely found in Asia, with 56% of mobile students within the OECD area hailing from Asia.

The report revealed that two-thirds of Asian students converge on only five destination countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, the UK and the USA.

Behind Asia, Europe is the second largest source region with 24% of mobile students in the OECD area being from Europe.

European students tend to remain in Europe, as among EU countries Europeans accounted for 42% of enrolled international students.

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