Cohort Go and North Loop cement partnership

Cohort Go and North Loop cement partnership

Cohort Go and North Loop have signed a partnership, which will give customers access to competitive exchange rates and no fees.

The partnership between Cohort Go and North Loop will provide many banking facilities for international students in the US. These include competitive exchange rates, no fees and the transfer of money through a secure method.

Cohort Go, an Australian edtech company, works to connect the international students’ community by providing a platform for students, agents and educators to interact.

North Loop, a specially designed bank that provides banking services with a free, no-fee bank account and free international money transfers for international students in the US.

North Loop provides online banking accounts for international students

As reported by Global Education Times last year, North Loop was created by Tahem Veer Verma to give access to financial services to international students in the US.

Previously, international students had to face multiple barriers in order to open a bank account in the US but, with the launch of North Loop, the process was simplified.

Now, after joining hands, Cohort Go and North Loop will be able to provide even better financial services to the international students in the US.

Speaking to Global Education Times, Mark Fletcher, CEO of Cohort Go, said of the partnership: “Through technical integration, North Loop’s international student customers will have access to Cohort Go’s money transfer service to send funds overseas.

“By paying with Cohort Go, students can send funds to the US via a local bank transfer and will save on their study expenses with access to competitive foreign exchange rates and no transaction fees.”

He further continued and commented on the market of both the companies and said, “For North Loop, this partnership will make it easier for students travelling to the US from many source countries to transfer funds for their study expenses.”

North Loop finds Cohort Go product offerings “unbeatable”

Tahem Veer Verma, CEO and Founder of North Loop, talking about the partnership, stated: “Cohort Go’s prices are simply unbeatable; we haven’t found a cheaper way to send money than their platform.

“The Cohort Go team are fantastic and align with North Loop’s mission really well – they’re committed to reducing the barriers in international money movement, without compromising on compliance and security of a customer’s funds.

With this partnership, Cohort Go and North Loop believe they will be able to increase their market share in a competitive financial sector.

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