UP Education and Sonder partner to support foreign students in NZ

UP Education and Sonder partner to support foreign students in NZ

UP education has partnered with mental health and personal safety support company Sonder to provide support for international students in NZ.

Through its partnership with Sonder, UP Education said that it aims to help and support its 2000+ international students studying in New Zealand, as it believes it is their duty to support these students in these testing times.

Foreign students will be provided with both in-person and virtual support

A statement from UP Education said that, since its international students are far from home and have a limited support network, living through the Coronavirus pandemic might be taking a toll on them.

With this in mind, UP Education has chosen to partner with Sonder and provide assistance to its students via their smartphones. 

All international students can download the Sonder app free of cost, and can either use its safety features or contact the 24/7 support centre to seek assistance.

In-person immediate support from a local network of Sonder Liaison Officers, who will be able to travel to the student, can also be requested by students residing in Auckland, Hamilton, and Wellington. 

UP Education says students’ feedback positive regarding Sonder app

According to the statistics released by UP Education, one of every two of its international students has created a Sonder account, with more than 90% actively using the provided services.

UP Education states that 95% of its users are saying that the app has been helpful in providing them with support. 

Craig Cowdrey, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Sonder, when talking about the partnership, said: “Partnering with an education provider like UP Education, who has a clear commitment to the health and wellbeing of its students, was an important factor for us in progressing the next phase of our company growth.

“Extending our service to the New Zealand education sector is an exciting step for us as we continue to make the world safer and more meaningfully connected.”

Students receive safety alerts from the Sonder app if they are near a potentially unsafe location and Sonder will also do its best to guide the student to safety if the student is under threat or non-responsive. 

The Sonder app also tracks the student’s journey until the student is safe and no longer requires assistance.

Additionally, the app has a ‘Check On Me’ feature, which allows Sonder to check on the students when they are meeting new people or going to new locations.

Pic: UP Education

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