NZ made $1.16b from foreign students in 2018

NZ made $1.16b from foreign students in 2018

A rise in enrolments has seen New Zealand make NZ $1.16 billion in tuition revenue from foreign students in 2018.

The average tuition fee per student increased by $960, leading to an increase in revenue despite a 6% decrease in international students enrolling compared to 2017.

58% of NZ population see foreign students as positive

In 2018, 117,248 international students from 177 different countries enrolled in higher education in New Zealand.

A recent perceptions survey concerning foreign students in NZ has found that 58% of New Zealand’s population see international education as a positive contributor to the country.

Chris Hipkins, Education Minister of New Zealand, said: “International students not only provide huge economic benefits but give New Zealanders an opportunity to make connections with people from all over the world.”

NZ optimistic about being a study abroad destination

The Education Minister, Chris Hipkins, in a statement has expressed his plans to ensure this success continues in to the future.

“Good progress has been made to remove low-quality providers, and eliminating non-genuine students entering through the student visa, solely in pursuit of residence.

“Our focus on quality over quantity will ensure that the growth is sustainable – something that’s crucial to future-proofing the sector.”

The International Education Strategy, which was released in 2018, planned a strategic future for the international education sector in New Zealand, up until 2030.

Chris Hipkins has stressed the importance that such developments will have for the country, as well as his hopes that this pattern of growth will continue.

“International students not only provide huge economic benefits but give New Zealanders an opportunity to make connections with people from all over the world, and learn about their culture.

“I’m really pleased to see that more and more high value international students are choosing New Zealand as their study destination.

“The regional distribution of international students is now at its highest level for the past five years, and the reform of vocational education and training that’s underway will likely see more international students choose to study in regional New Zealand.”

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