La Trobe partners with online provider Wiley Education Services

La Trobe partners with online provider Wiley Education Services

La Trobe University has partnered with online education provider Wiley Education Services to enhance its current online course offerings.

Wiley Education Services is a leading provider of online higher education courses and works with institutions across the globe.

The organisation provides over 800 technology-enabled degree programmes as online solutions, which are helping institutions cope with the challenges posed by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

La Trobe and Wiley partnership will begin with five new redeveloped online courses

For La Trobe, this new partnership will commence with the launch of five postgraduate courses in public health, mental health, mental health nursing, health administration and business administration. These have been re-developed to suit online-based learning.

Professor John Dewar AO, Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, expressed his pleasure at this opportunity for the institution to develop to better assist their students:

“Our ambition to be a leading provider of online higher education has been further enhanced with this exciting new partnership with Wiley, which will offer even greater choice and flexibility for our postgraduate students who want to study online.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic has necessarily accelerated the uptake of online study, our ambition, for some time, has been to provide a greater range of high quality online courses that provide an exceptional experience and respond to student needs. This new partnership will help fulfil that goal.”  

Todd Zipper, President of Wiley Education Services, was likewise enthusiastic about the future of this partnership:

“Our partnership with La Trobe will not only advance the online learning experience for their postgraduate students, but also better prepare these learners for the health and business careers that are in demand now and will continue to be in demand beyond the pandemic.” 

La Trobe offered free COVID-19 courses for businesses and provided over AUD $12m to fund student support

Earlier this year, La Trobe similarly demonstrated its ability to adapt to overcome the current challenges that the world’s HEIs are facing, with its offering of free COVID-19 courses for businesses.

As of May this year, La Trobe had provided over AUD $12m in COVID-19 funding to aid its students.

These financial contributions included over AUD $4m in emergency bursaries and AUD $4m in accommodation credits, parking refunds and other direct student support.

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