La Trobe launches free COVID-19 course for businesses

La Trobe launches free COVID-19 course for businesses

In order to aid businesses in Victoria facing the fallout of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Australia’s La Trobe University has launched a new programme designed to help them adapt and innovate to meet these challenging circumstances.

The Melbourne-based university is inviting business owners from across Victoria state to apply for the new COVID-19 Industry Response Program, which comes as part of La Trobe’s broader Coronavirus recovery response plan.

The free 12-hour online leadership programme will be made up of a suite of virtual workshops, personalised mentoring and online learning modules.

The course is set to cover topics such as Digital Strategy, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Financial Modelling and Investor Relations.

La Trobe Coronavirus course will be free and last for 12 weeks

The 12-week course is designed to support retailers, manufacturers and small businesses across Victoria. It has been developed in partnership with Investible, a leading early-stage investment firm specialising in business development.

The online course is set to commence on 8 June.

Dr Megan Fisher, Pro Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, encouraged local business owners to make the most out of this opportunity.

“In just a few weeks our world has been thrown into uncertainty and our economy has been severely impacted.

“I encourage business owners from all industries and sectors, and from across the State, to apply to join our COVID-19 Industry Response Program and benefit from Investible’s proven experience bringing out the best of businesses.”

Elisa-Marie Dumas, Head of Programs and Partnerships at Investible, likewise stated:

“To respond effectively to change, businesses must be able to quickly pivot and validate new ideas and strategies.

“The COVID-19 Industry Response Program is uniquely designed to help local business owners develop the mindset, access the resources and discover the community they need to make confident decisions in a changing world.”

La Trobe has provided over AUD $12m in student support

In other local support measures, La Trobe University in has also provided over AUD $12m in COVID-19 funding to aid its students, to help them cope with the hardships and challenges that many are currently facing as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic in Australia.

These financial contributions include over AUD $4m in emergency bursaries and AUD $4m in accommodation credits, parking refunds and other direct student support.

Pic: La Trobe University

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