La Trobe joins SGroup universities network

La Trobe joins SGroup universities network

Australia’s La Trobe University has joined the SGroup network of universities, with its membership coming into effect this month.

By joining the network, La Trobe becomes the first university from Australia to become an SGroup member.

La Trobe University’s statement said it ‘looked forward to collaborating with other SGroup members to advance La Trobe’s international links in academic research, strategic partnerships and exchange programs for students and staff’.

Reflecting on joining SGroup, Professor John Dewar, Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University, said:

“Membership of SGroup enables La Trobe to draw on expertise and experience of fellow members from across the globe with long and deep knowledge of international higher education.

“This valuable new connection with a network of strong European and overseas Higher Education Institutions with excellent research and teaching profiles will further strengthen our international capabilities, and enhance our global competitiveness.”

SGroup network pleased to welcome a member of La Trobe’s “impressive record”

SGroup’s Executive unanimously voiced its pleasure at being able to welcome an institution with the record and legacy of La Trobe University as a group member.

Speaking to Global Education Times, Professor Jacek Witkoś of Poland’s Adam Mickiewicz University, the current President of SGroup, said:

“La Trobe also enjoys long-standing partnerships with a number of existing SGroup member institutions. The University’s expression of interest met all the SGroup membership criteria and membership was confirmed enthusiastically during the SGroup General Assembly at the University of Kent.

“The SGroup European Universities’ Network is one of Europe’s most active higher educational groupings, and one that places institutional collaboration at the forefront of its agenda.

“In its third decade of existence, the SGroup has developed a global international profile reflected both in its membership, which stretches across but also beyond Europe, and in its global engagements, achieved through the Group’s regional Think Tank projects.

“The SGroup’s membership is flourishing. In recent years, new European institutions have joined, alongside new global associate members from Asia and the Americas.

“The Group’s strategic ambition in 2019 was to welcome an HEI from Oceania into the SGroup network. La Trobe University has an impressive record of engagement with European projects and a distinctive global reputation for excellence in education and research.”

Dr Anthony Manning, Dean of Internationalisation at the University of Kent, told GET News:

“As the hosts of the November 2019 SGroup General Assembly, we would like to support the warm words of welcome to La Trobe from the SGroup Executive. We also all look forward to additional opportunities for European and broader international collaboration, which will follow.”

SGroup is a not-for-profit global association of universities with 36 member institutions from 20 countries.

Members of SGroup include the likes of University of Westminster, University of Gothenburg, University of Porto, Ghent University, Sapienza University of Rome, and others.

Pic: La Trobe University

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