International students in Australia’s Northern Territory up 62% since 2016

International students in Australia’s Northern Territory up 62% since 2016

The number of international students in the Northern Territory has increased by 62% in 3 years, the Australian territory’s Chief Minister Michael Gunner has stated.

Chief Minister Gunner noted that international students and the education sector remain a key area of focus for the territory’s government, and recognised the role it plays in contributing to the economy and creating jobs in the region.

At the end of 2019, there are 3300 international students in the Northern Territory. This constituted an increase of 1270 students since 2016’s figure of 2030, a growth of 62 per cent.

Michael Gunner, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory of Australia, said:

“It is important we support those sectors that drive ongoing permanent jobs in the Northern Territory. One of those priority sectors is international education.”

Target of 10,000 international students in Northern Territory by 2025

CM Gunner stated that the sector contributed an estimated AUD $113 million to the Northern Territory’s economy.

He said: “Since 2016 we have seen a 62% growth in student numbers in the Northern Territory and 25% in the last year, so this is an important area for us.

“We are targeting a big number. 10,000 [international students] by 2025. [The sector] is worth about AUD $113 million to our economy.”

Foreign students from other Asian countries drawn to Northern Territory

CM Gunner reinforced his desire to attract more international students to the territory in his conversation with reporters and praised their contribution to society.

He noted: “Every [foreign] student is worth about AUD $40,000 a year to the Territory economy, but they also bring something that’s priceless – they bring energy, they bring spirit, they work around our local community.

“This year, we will keep selling the Northern Territory overseas in target markets like India, Nepal and China.

“I am very pleased to say that both Bangladesh and Brazil are [also] in our ‘Top 10’ category for [international students coming] into the Northern Territory.”

From November 2019, it was announced that some foreign students in Australia will have access to 2 more years of PSW (Post Study Work rights) with the expansion of the regional cities list for immigration purposes as part of the Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485), depending on where they choose to study.

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