Coronavirus: AUD $25m from Deakin to support international students

Coronavirus: AUD $25m from Deakin to support international students

Australia’s Deakin University has announced a support fund of up to AUD $25 million for its international students affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Deakin University has announced its plans to facilitate support for its affected international as well as domestic students for the next six months.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, many international students in Australia have been reported to be struggling as they have lost their part-time or casual work, and can’t afford to stay nor leave the country.Under Deakin’s support programme, the students are required to connect with the university through its support services and talk one-on-one with a representative to figure out how best Deakin can support the student.

The University believes this individual approach will help the institution customise its support package to each student’s individual needs and circumstances.

Professor Iain Martin, Vice-Chancellor of Deakin, reassured its students, and said:

“With very limited access to Government assistance, our additional hardship support will prevent students from falling through the cracks during the difficult months ahead. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our international students.

“We want our international students to continue at Deakin, and as of this week, more than 95 per cent remain enrolled. I hope this additional support will keep it that way.

“Of course, should an international student decide they simply cannot continue, we will support that decision and help with either a transition to online study or by holding their place for the future.”

Deakin has received over a 1000 requests for support from students affected by Coronavirus

Until now Deakin has approved around 1200 requests for immediate financial support, and there are still hundreds of applications currently under process.

To further facilitate its students Deakin has extended its deadline for late withdrawals till 1st June 2020. The assignment due dates have also been extended by three weeks and students are no longer required to submit medical certificates. 

Pic: Deakin University

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