Australia universities and businesses form innovation network

Australia universities and businesses form innovation network

Industry leaders Cisco and Optus have partnered with La Trobe University and Curtin University to form the National Industry Innovation Network (NIIN) in Australia.

The NIIN is designed to act as a new model for collaboration amongst companies in industry and universities, in order to best address challenges to future employment in the industry and responding to long-term national interests.

The partnership intends to build on the joint innovation capability between these fields, combining the businesses and universities’ assets and expertise.

NIIN wants to make industry in Australia “more adaptive and resilient”

On 15 June, the four foundation members announced that the National Industry Innovation Network had been formed as a promising opportunity aiming to improve the long-term digital economic resilience and transformation of Australia.

Their intention behind establishing this new Network is to predominantly provide a driver for economic stimulus, resilience and recovery through digital transformation.

Innovation network designed to act as a new model for collaboration between industry and universities

Ken Boal, Vice-President (ANZ) of global technology giant Cisco, stated:

“The ultimate aim of the network is to make Australia – and Australian industry – more adaptive and resilient.”

This focus was corroborated by Chris Mitchell, Managing Director of telecommunications leader Optus: “Australia faces immense health and economic challenges and no single company or university has all the answers. In combining our technology, expertise and networks, we can create a greater impact together.”

Professor Deborah Terry AO, Vice-Chancellor of Curtin University, emphasised the benefits that this collaboration will bring to Australia’s industry.

“We have demonstrated that sharing our resources and expertise brings great value to our communities and our economy. We are proud to partner with Cisco, Optus and La Trobe to take a leading role in finding new ways to solve industry problems and address national challenges.”

One of the first projects that is due to be undertaken by the new NIIN will be concern the role of collaborative technology in remote working, focusing on the sectors of government, health and education.

Cisco’s Boal added: “We can take the learnings out of the recent surge in the adoption of collaboration technologies that have enabled remote working, and build on the capability and productivity that’s been realised, to support a more resilient digital economy and society.”

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