Australia student visa now harder to get for India and Pakistan

Australia student visa now harder to get for India and Pakistan

The Australia student visa requirements for those applying from India, Pakistan and Nepal have been tightened by the Australian government.

The assessment category for international students applying for a student visa to study in Australia has been raised from Level 2 to Level 3, which entails more strict scrutiny to qualify.

Australia student visa applications are based on individual merits including educational qualifications, financial requirements and proficiency in English language.

The current visa system is streamlined by Assessment Levels which also dictate the requirements set for a visa application.

The requirements at each level often change based on the immigration risk posed by applicants from a particular country who opt to study in Australia.

Narinder Kaur, a Perth-based migration agent, told SBS Punjabi that the visa system has now been updated for visa applications from India, Pakistan and Nepal.

She said: “The international students from these countries are now in the high-risk category. The assessment for these visa applications has gone up from Level 2 to Level 3.

“The changes are applicable to all student applications unless the application is for an education provider with Assessment Level 1, which is mainly the case with the well-reputed universities.”

Students will now have to prove English language proficiency for Australia student visa

As part of these changes, Ms Kaur stated that new applicants from the Indian subcontinent will now have a mandatory requirement for English proficiency and available funds.

Ms Kaur said: “Previously, this was not the case as these countries were place in Assessment Level 2. But from now on the students will need to meet streamlined requirements set by the visa authorities.

“But the changes will have a minor setback as per the student numbers are concerned from the subcontinent. They’ll now need at least 5.5 in IELTS or compatible PTE score which is quite normal to achieve these days by genuine students.”

Over 72,000 Indian students are currently enrolled at Australian institutions, making India the second largest source of international students, after China.

According to the Australian Embassy in New Delhi, the country is already the most popular destination for Indian students after the United States.

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