US ‘smart person’s waiver’ to help retain top Chinese students

US ‘smart person’s waiver’ to help retain top Chinese students

The United States is set to create a “smart person’s waiver” system that would allow for the top foreign students to stay in the country.

During a press conference in Osaka, Japan, earlier, US President Donald Trump tagged Chinese students as “tremendous assets” and acknowledged flaws in the United States’ work visa system for international graduates.

“We have a problem…in our country, that you graduate number one in your class from the best school in the country, and they say you have to leave. We can’t keep them,” Trump said.

US ‘smart person’s waiver’ for Chinese students

“We’re going to call it the ‘smart person’s waiver’. But we’re going to make it so that they can not only stay but have access to green cards. We want to keep these people here,” he added.

Last year, the US had limited Chinese students’ visas to the US to only one year amid the ongoing trade war between Washington and Beijing. The rule was applied to foreign students enrolled in robotics, aviation, and high-technology manufacturing in response to China’s increased focus on science and technology over fears of espionage and intellectual property theft.

Chinese graduates pursuing research or management positions in certain companies were also required a clearance from several US agencies, a process which can take months.

It was also reported that there was an increasing number of rejection rates for visas to the US.

If it turns into policy, the smart person’s waiver system was said would only do a little to repair the damage that has been done to US’ reputation of being the world’s most popular study destination.

Michigan State University eyes more Chinese students this year

Emily Guerrant, spokesperson of Michigan State University, told The PIE News that the university was expecting a higher number of Chinese students enrolling for academic year 2019-2020.

“While we realise the national dialogue around international students and visas can impact both the desire and intent for international students to come to Michigan State University, we have worked to ensure that students feel welcome on our campus and in our community,” Guerrant said.

Michigan State University is one of the top chosen universities of Chinese students.

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