US ranked top ‘dream’ study abroad destination

US ranked top ‘dream’ study abroad destination

The United States is the top ‘dream’ study abroad destination for international students, research by has revealed.

The US is the top desired study abroad destination for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students, the study International Higher Education Report 2019: Student Trends found.

While the US is the top ‘dream’ destination, the research found that, rounding out the Top 3 choices, the other desirable study abroad destinations were the UK and Canada.

The findings for this study came from 32,000 students surveyed, representing 192 nationalities.

US number one ‘dream’ choice for study abroad

The study found that, for both undergraduate and postgraduate students alike, the United States claimed the top spot as the number one ‘dream’ study abroad destination for prospective students, with the UK coming in as the second-ranking choice.

The rest of the top ten ‘dream’ study abroad locations were (in order of preference), Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, China and Switzerland.

Teaching quality most important factor behind choosing university

The survey also found that, for both undergraduate and postgraduate prospective students, the most important factors when choosing a university of study were ‘Teaching Quality’ followed by ‘Cost of Living’ and then the ‘School’s Ranking’.

The study stated that, with respect to undergraduate students, they are ‘8% less likely than before to learn about study abroad through study abroad fairs and events. They are 15% more likely to rely on search engines and 72% more likely to use social media to learn about the process.’

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students also believed that ‘reviews from current students or recent graduates’ is crucial to prospective students’ decision-making process.

The study also placed considerable emphasis on the fact that students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels considering international study have been shown to be increasingly relying on search engines and social media as tools in order to make their decision.

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