Programme to increase study abroad opportunities in Canada

Programme to increase study abroad opportunities in Canada

A new programme in Canada will provide funding for up to 11,000 university undergraduate and college students to gain in-demand international skills and experience by studying abroad.

Announced in August as part of the Government of Canada’s new International Education Strategy, the five-year pilot programme will be jointly administered by Universities Canada and Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).

The Honourable Jim Carr, Minister of International Trade Diversification, announced the CA$147.9 million Canadian International Education Strategy at the University of Alberta on Thursday 22nd August.

Study abroad opportunities in Canada essential for the country’s future

The Universities Canada announcement states it believes this to be a welcome transformative investment in Canada’s future for Canada’s universities, which acknowledges the importance of international education in Canadian economic prosperity.

Universities Canada said the need for Canadians to be connected globally, especially in emerging economies, to succeed in a rapidly changing labour market and to drive new trade opportunities.

The programme, named The Outbound Student Mobility Pilot, will be a step towards achieving Canada’s trade diversification goals and strengthening international networks.

Canadian universities will also welcome the focus on promoting Canada and study abroad in Canada as a leading study destination, with a diversification of source countries for international students as well as a streamlining of immigration and visa processes.

Currently, only 11 percent of Canadian university students participate in any international study over the course of their degree. This is low to similar countries such as France (33%), Germany (29%), Australia (19%) and the United States (16%).

Paul Davidson, president of Universities Canada said: “Study abroad changes lives. The new Outbound Student Mobility Pilot is significant news for young Canadians, and for Canada.

“Canada’s universities look forward to working with our partners in government and the higher education sector to enable more students, from all backgrounds, to participate in global mobility experiences.”

The Outbound Student Mobility Pilot will launch in 2020.

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