McGill University launches McCall MacBain Scholarship

McGill University launches McCall MacBain Scholarship

McGill University has announced the launch of the McCall MacBain Scholarship, which will fund interdisciplinary global leaders at the master’s level in Canada.

First announced in 2019, the McCall MacBain Scholarship is a leadership scholarship for the master’s level in Canada.

The scholarship aims to help graduate students widen their perspective and develop critical leadership skills while studying at McGill University.

McCall MacBain Scholarship will cover McGill tuition and living costs

The scholarship will cover tuition and fees, as well as living costs of $2,000 per month during the academic terms.

The selected scholars will also be part of an enrichment program where they will have a chance to meet with mentors and advisors and have access to a global community through the networks of McCall MacBain and McGill.

Up to 20 scholars based on their character, leadership potential, community engagement, academic strength, entrepreneurial spirit, and intellectual curiosity will be selected from across Canada. 

The scholarships stem from last year’s gift of Canadian CAD$200 million from businesspersons and philanthropists John and Marcy McCall MacBain. 

Dr Marcy McCall MacBain, when speaking about these scholarships, said: “We are looking forward to welcoming promising leaders with entrepreneurial spirit, who foster opportunities not only for themselves – but for those living in the world around them.”

The scholarship application, which is open to both university students and alumni, is already available online and the last date for submission is Thursday, September 24.

Application outreach already began in February, with more than 35 universities hosting information sessions on campus and online.

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