LearnPlatform lands second federal grant from US Dept of Education

LearnPlatform lands second federal grant from US Dept of Education

North Carolina-headquartered edtech company LearnPlatform has received a second federal grant from the US Department of Education.

With this new grant, edtech provider LearnPlatform can now expand a programme that will provide educators with the ability to make more flexible, better-informed decisions regarding the education technology that they use.

This new initiative, created by LearnPlatform working closely with educators, has received the support of the US Department of Education.

Now, LearnPlatform will provide educators with an opportunity to share information, and receive more detailed information regarding the quality of the online education technology that they are currently using.

Over $800K awarded to Learn-IXC initiative so far

LearnPlatform is currently used in schools to organise and analyse the tech-based education provisions received by over 4 million students.

Through technology, automation and data insights, the company aims to help schools to keep their learning ecosystems both safe and cost-effective.

This decision from the US government came about after the results of the recent Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programme from the Department of Education.

So far, $874,803 has been awarded to LearnPlatform’s “Learn – Implementation in Context” (Learn-IXC) initiative.

It is hoped that the initiative will provide a greater understanding of the best context in which to provide education technologies work best. This latest grant is the second instance in which the Learn-IXC project has been called upon to assess the effectiveness of education technology in classrooms.

LearnPlatform will use funding to create algorithm allowing teachers to use key search terms

In this second phase, LearnPlatform will use this funding to create an algorithm which will allow teachers to use search terms (such as, for example, ‘educators like me’) to access and use reports from other professionals who are in a similar circumstance to them.

Alongside this, this phase will also involve collecting feedback which edtech product providers can then use to improve their offerings.

Karl Rectanus, CEO of LearnPlatform, expressed his anticipation for the changes that this second grant will enable the company to enact:

“Educators and administrators are overwhelmed by the sheer number of edtech tools, let alone how little information is available about how well those tools work.

“While we already help decision-makers determine if the solutions are working in their schools, educators often ask ‘but how will these new tools work for MY situation?’ This Phase II work will provide educators and administrators who are responsible for making edtech decisions with research-based reliable, contextualized information necessary so they can find the right tools for their students.”

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