Infosys and Arizona State University sign strategic partnership

Infosys and Arizona State University sign strategic partnership

Arizona State University has announced that it has signed a strategic partnership with digital services organization Infosys.

Global digital services and consulting company Infosys and Arizona State University (ASU) have announced a strategic partnership to enhance the learning experience of ASU students.

The organizations believe the partnership could help boost the learning experience of engineering graduate students in both on-campus and fully interactive remote classes.

New Infosys and Arizona State learning program to start in spring 2021

From the spring of 2021, all full-time graduate students at the Ira A Fulton Schools of Engineering in ASU, enrolled in-person or through ASU remote classes, will have access to digital learning solutions and services offered through Infosys.

The program will utilize the Infosys Wingspan platform from the Live Enterprise for Education Suite. Interested students can check it out here.

Through the new program, students will be able to earn certifications and badges in several technical skill sets. They will also gain valuable applied project experience in the content area “Playgrounds” to run demos and practice exercises.

Similarly, Infosys Wingspan will allow ASU to better engage students in online synchronous and asynchronous learning. The platform will be used by administration and IT staff at ASU to efficiently identify and resolve technical issues for enhanced student support. 

Consequently, student graduates will be equipped upon the completion of their degree program, to tackle the pressing challenges facing the industry. 

Programs like computer science, software engineering, information technology, or computer engineering will be eligible to receive a scholarship for one year of access to an Infosys Wingspan license at no cost. 

Current academic year ‘more important than ever for remote learning’

Ravi Kumar, President of Infosys,  noted: “This academic year, it is more important than ever for remote learning to function seamlessly, allowing students to continue their education from anywhere in the world.

“This strategic partnership is just the latest example of our deep ties to Arizona State University and our shared commitment to bringing the best training and opportunities to its students.”

Michael M Crow, President of Arizona State University, said: “Using Infosys digital solutions, students anywhere in the world can engage in the immersive learning experience that characterizes our high-quality engineering and technology degree programs.

“We look forward to expanding access to the global network of learners who will soon drive their own solutions forward as career-ready industry professionals.”

Emaido Affia | Global Education Times (GET News)

Emaido Affia is a Nigeria-based reporter for Global Education Times who covers stories from North America, MENA and Africa for the publication. Emaido is an experienced journalist and is also a lifestyle blogger in her free-time.

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