Independent schools advocacy group TeachON launches in Ontario

Independent schools advocacy group TeachON launches in Ontario

A private education lobby and advocacy group for independent schools, TeachON, has launched in Ontario.

TeachON, an American private education lobby group, has claimed it will seek to address the disparity in government funding for families whose children attend an independent school in Ontario best suited for their educational needs.

Founded in 2019, with a network of community leaders, parents and educational institutions across Ontario, Canada, TeachON is a member of the Teach Coalition which will advocate for equitable government funding for independent schools.

TeachON claims it is ‘working to relieve the financial burden placed on more than 138,000 children in independent schools’ by ensuring that all children in Ontario receive their fair share of access to education funding.

The group said its first priority will be to pursue a broad portfolio of policies related to STEM education, school security and special needs funding.

TeachON in Ontario to follow model of successful Teach Coalition

TeachON will seek to follow a similar model to Teach Coalition, working with Members of Provincial Parliaments to secure funding for independent schools.

The group will be drawing together organisations, federations and schools that represent the varied communities in Ontario whose children attend an institution best suited to their unique medical, religious, philosophical or pedagogical needs.

Teach Coalition, a leading organisation who advocate for funding in non-public schools, have already secured more than US$1 billion in funding for non-public schools in North America since 2011.

The expected executive director of TeachON, Sam Eskaneski, is a long-time advocacy professional. His most recent projects have been in areas related to medical and health policy, anti-Semitism, and human rights in Canada, Israel and throughout the Middle East.

Mr Eskaneski has also served as director of communications for B’nai Brith Canada, Canada’s most senior Jewish human rights organisation.

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