Google Career Certificates for professional courses launched

Google Career Certificates for professional courses launched

Google has announced plans to launch digital professional courses for students called Google Career Certificates.

According to Google, the Google Career Certificates courses “will require only six months to teach foundational skills that will help job seekers find employment”.

Confirming the move to launch the ‘Grow with Google’ initiative, Kent Walker, Senior Vice President of Global Affairs at Google, noted: “College degrees are out of reach for many Americans, and you shouldn’t need a college diploma to have economic security.

“We need new, accessible job-training solutions–from enhanced vocational programs to online education–to help America recover and rebuild.”

Google Career Certificates will be made equivalent to a four-year degree certificate

Tweets by Kent Walker about Google Career Certificates - Global Education Times (GET News)

Walker further revealed on twitter that “In our own hiring, we will now treat these new career certificates as the equivalent of a four-year degree for related roles.”

The costs for the courses are yet to be disclosed but Walker said “Google will fund 100,000 need-based scholarships in support of these skilling programs.”

Google shared it will initially be offering three certificate programs to help train a student become a Data analyst, Project manager, or UX designer.

Each course will be taught by Google employees in the respective fields and promised assistance in job search upon completion of the programme. 

“The new Google Career Certificates build on our existing programs to create pathways into IT support careers for people without college degrees,” Walker explained.

Grow with Google to aid post-pandemic recovery

The company stated that the Grow with Google initiative will aim to help US businesses rebuild after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Walker said: “Nearly two-thirds of all new jobs created since 2010 require either high-level or medium-level digital skills. This presents a challenge for many job seekers, as well as to America’s long-term economic security.

“People need good jobs, and the broader economy needs their energy and skills to support our future growth.

“Our Grow with Google initiative helps people get the skills they need to get a job or grow their business.”

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