Fullstack Academy and Illinois Chicago launch online tech bootcamp

Fullstack Academy and Illinois Chicago launch online tech bootcamp

Fullstack Academy and the University of Illinois Chicago have partnered to launch a series of online tech bootcamps.

The institutions have launched the University of Illinois Chicago Tech Bootcamps, an online tech training program for students, as part of efforts to address the demand for tech professionals.

The partnership will enable the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) and Fullstack Academy to offer their ‘award-winning’ curricula to Chicago-area residents, so they can meet the needs of the region’s growing tech sector.

Fullstack and Illinois Chicago online tech bootcamp to teach coding and cybersecurity for 12 weeks

The UIC Tech Bootcamps said it will be teaching the students ‘highly marketable skills’ in coding and cybersecurity in as short as 12 weeks, as well as part-time courses that will run for 26 weeks.

The programs are designed for early career and experienced professionals and will initially take place in a live, online format, enabling individuals of any tech skill level to learn from their homes and enter the growing tech sector quickly.

Commenting on the development, Nimit Maru, co-Founder and co-CEO of Fullstack Academy, said: “Given its prominence across Chicago, leadership in research and workforce development, and continued enrollment growth, UIC is an ideal partner as we aim to expand our presence in the Windy City.

“Through UIC, we’re now uniquely positioned to train more professionals that will be needed to keep pace with the area’s tech growth, and also connect with more organizations to help them hire the best tech talent in the region.”

Institutions cite strong market demand for tech professionals

The institutions cited data from Cyberseek and Indeed to state that more than 15,000 cybersecurity jobs are open in Chicago, with another 8,000 available in software development. This implies that there will be a high tech growth in the coming years, based on announcements made by some of the world’s preeminent companies.

TJ Augustine, Vice Chancellor for Innovation at UIC, said: “In today’s increasingly digital environment, where many are seeking new career opportunities, we felt it was imperative to offer more live, online learning opportunities to help professionals of any experience level enter the tech workforce.

“Teaming with Fullstack Academy is an ideal and seamless way to develop more coding and cybersecurity experts and help stimulate our city’s rapid growth in the tech sector.”

Alongside this partnership, Fullstack Academy has previously collaborated on online course delivery with other institutions such as Caltech, California Polytechnic State University, Virginia Tech and more.

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