Free education at Washington University for low income students

Free education at Washington University for low income students

The new Washington University Chancellor Andrew Martin has announced that the university will offer free undergraduate education to low income local students.

The free education offer will be available to Missouri and southern Illinois students who are eligible for Pell grants or are from families with an annual income of $75,000 or less.

Dubbed the WashU Pledge, the fund will cover tuition, room, board and fees for accepted first-year students, according to the university, which has an admission rate of 14%.

The free education funding at Washington University will begin from the fall semester 2020 and will apply to undergraduate students who are already enrolled and qualify as well as new students.

Part-time students and those earning their degree from University College for working adults are not eligible.

Washington University free education fund will attract local talent

Martin stated in his inauguration address: “We are making this ‘WashU Pledge’ because it’s the right thing to do. In addition, we are Washington University ‘in St. Louis.’

“That means we have a unique responsibility to provide opportunity for students in our extended region – to the four corners of Missouri and our neighbours in the southern portion of Illinois. By doing so, we’re attracting our very best and brightest and keeping them right here, close to home.”

Washington University, with an endowment of over $7.6 billion, has a freshman class this year of 1,744, comprised of 46% white, 20% Asian, 11% black and 10% Hispanic students. A further 8% of students are international and 64% of students are from over 500 miles away.

Spokesperson Jill Friedman stated: “Especially in this first year, our overriding goal is expanding opportunity by eliminating every financial hurdle for these prospective students and demonstrating that they are not only welcome at WashU, but we enthusiastically hope they will consider joining us.”

This move mirrors a number of other programmes run at other institutions in the United States, as a report in the St Louis Business Journal noted.

The University of Arizona announced last month that all freshman students eligible for the Pell grant would have their full cost of tuition covered.

Various Ivy League schools also offer full rides for accepted students whose families make $65,000 or less.

Pic: Jerry Naunheim Jr/Washington University

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