Coursera launches online tool CourseMatch

Coursera launches online tool CourseMatch

Online education platform Coursera has announced the launch of its latest machine learning solution CourseMatch.

Coursera’s innovative online tool CourseMatch comes as the latest measure aiming to limit the impact that the global COVID-19 pandemic has on higher education institutions and their students.

CourseMatch is designed to automatically match the on-campus courses that a University would normally provide for its students, with its e-learning equivalent from Coursera’s course catalogue.

Over 2,600 institutions have used Coursera following its Coronavirus Response Initiative launch

In her post announcing the new programme on Coursera’s online blog, Emily Glassberg Sands, VP of Data Science at Coursera, expanded further, providing more information about the new programme and what it can offer its users:

“Today, we are announcing CourseMatch, a machine learning solution that ingests a school’s on-campus course catalogue and matches each course to the most relevant courses in Coursera’s catalogue of 3,800 courses.

“It can ingest catalogues in more than 100 languages and map them to the most relevant courses in English or in any of the 50+ languages (translated and subtitled) available on Coursera. This enables universities in the US and internationally to quickly deliver relevant courses to their students.”

Since launching its Coronavirus Response Initiative in March, the organisation says over 2,600 colleges and universities across the globe have utilised Coursera to enable the online learning of their course programmes, and to minimise the disruption that their students would experience.

Coursera CourseMatch has already provided online alternatives to over 2.6 million courses

The new CourseMatch feature is designed to enable these institutions to identify which course that Coursera currently offers most closely resembles their own planned courses, that can no longer be provided.

To date, Coursera claims this new solution has already matched more than 2.6 million on-campus courses with their online equivalent.

edit/update: A spokesperson for Coursera told us: “We have already activated 8,300+ programmes for colleges and universities for our Coursera for Campus initiative. So far, there are 810,000+ students, 3.3 million enrolments, 8.5 million learning hours in activated C4Cv programmes.”

Pic: Coursera CourseMatch

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