Coursera Guided Projects expands into private authoring

Coursera Guided Projects expands into private authoring

Seizing the opportunity presented by an ongoing surge in popularity, Coursera has expanded its provisions to offer private authoring of its Guided Projects.

The online-based courses are designed to provide hands-on learning experiences and employability skills across the data science, technology, and business industries.

This popularity, and Coursera’s responsive developments, have come about as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coursera Guided Projects are designed to combat the limitation to skills development that the pandemic presents, now that face-to-face training is impossible for the foreseeable.

Students can now undertake courses and assessments through Coursera, which have been provided by private companies, businesses, campuses and governments from across the globe. 

The Guided Projects are designed to use step-by-step guidance alongside a virtual cloud workspace, to enable students to apply newly-learned skills to real-world environments.

As such, the courses provide a digital alternative to the hands-on learning experiences that the pandemic currently prevents.

Earlier this summer, Coursera announced the launch of its machine learning solution CourseMatch, which is designed to automatically match the on-campus courses that a university would normally provide for its students with its e-learning equivalent from Coursera’s course catalogue. .

Guided Projects fastest Coursera offering to reach one million enrollments

Coursera’s Guided Projects was the fastest offering on the platform to reach one million enrollments – it experienced a hugely popular uptake since its launch in April earlier this year.

Organisations who plan to educate their employees through this online solution include the likes of Hertz and Nokia.

The aforementioned companies are developing these Guided Projects in areas including IT, SaaS management, data visualization and software onboarding.

Guided Projects cover IT, SaaS management, data visualization and software onboarding

According to Hagigat Hasanova, a Master’s student from Estonia:

“As a master’s degree student, Guided Projects have been incredibly valuable in helping me gain practical technology and business skills that I can apply to my studies. I am interested in designing my own product, so being able to learn skills like product management, Python, and HTML in a virtual way has been very helpful.”

Steve Tadeo, the Data Science and Analytics Specialist at Nokia, likewise praised the Guided Projects, particularly with regard to the assistance they provide for reskilling across teams.

“At Nokia, we use Guided Projects as part of our curriculum to equip global data science teams with the skills they need to adapt to the workforce of the future – one that’s fast paced and has a culture of sensing and reacting constantly.

“We are delighted with them so far. They provide the perfect learning transition from “I understand” to “I can do,” in a wide range of valuable, job-relevant skills.”

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