Canada launches accelerated visa scheme Nigeria Student Express

Canada launches accelerated visa scheme Nigeria Student Express

Canada has announced the launch of Nigeria Student Express, an accelerated visa processing scheme for Nigerian students.

Under the new pilot scheme, eligible Nigerian students will have the luxury of expedited visa processing time frames.

Nigeria Student Express (NSE), a new visa pilot scheme, has been launched by the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

This visa scheme intends to reduce study visa processing times from eight weeks to 20 days or less for students who have gained admission in degree programmes in Canada.

Canada Nigeria Student Express a version of the Student Direct Stream scheme

The Nigeria Student Express visa pilot scheme was announced in January 2020 by the IRCC in educational fairs held in Abuja and Lagos.

Students who have admission letters for graduate-level studies, bachelor, master’s or PhD degree programmes from nominated educational institutions in Canada are eligible for the NSE.

Applicants will have to provide documentations through MyBank, a secure financial verification system, to prove they have sufficient funds to support themselves.

Currently, the Canadian government has the Student Direct Stream (SDS) running which streamlines visa processing for students from Pakistan, India, Morocco, Senegal, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

High rejection rates for African students wanting to come to Canada

Previously students from Africa have seen a higher visa rejection rate than any other region.

A study by Polestar Student Immigration reveals that the refusal rates for visas depend on the region a student is applying from as well as the type of education they aim to seek in Canada.

The report states, “For example, only 4% of study permit applications from Japan and Korea were rejected this year, compared to 81% of applications from Nigeria and 86% of applications from Algeria.

“However, students from Japan and Korea were also more likely to apply for a study permit to attend an ESL programme. The refusal rates for ESL programmes is lower than for college or university programmes.”

With the NSE, the ICEF claims that the Canadian government is tapping into the Nigerian market. 

No end date has been given by the IRCC for the pilot scheme.

However, the IRCC, will closely monitor the programme in the upcoming months to evaluate whether the schemes intended goals have been achieved or not.

Recently, we reported that Canada has become the world’s 3rd most popular study abroad destination for international students.

Interruption caused to immigration schemes due to the Coronavirus outbreak will likely have an impact on visa pilot schemes such as the Nigeria Student Express.

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