British Columbia foreign students healthcare fees doubled

British Columbia foreign students healthcare fees doubled

An updated payment method from 2020 will see British Columbia foreign students healthcare costs doubled to Canadian $75 per month.

This news comes as Medical Service Plan (MSP) is eliminated for British Columbians in the Province.

The old MSP system required British Columbia foreign students healthcare premiums to be paid as part of their healthcare coverage. This was the same for Canada’s British Columbia natives.

However, from January 1st, 2020, MSP premiums will be eliminated and a new model will be introduced, requiring international students to contribute to their coverage under the BC health-care system.

Healthcare fee for foreign students doubled to $75 per month from 2020

Under the updated system, all international K-12 and post-secondary students will pay a monthly fee of Canadian $37.50 from September 1st, 2019.

Once the MSP premiums are eliminated in the new year, from January 2020, British Columbia foreign students healthcare coverage fee will double to $75 per month.

This doubling will not see a raise in cost for international students at this time as from September 1st they will still be contributing at a rate of $37.50 in MSP premiums, a reduction that was implemented earlier this year from the original $75.

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, said: “For almost 30 years, BC has provided international students with provincial health coverage, while asking them to contribute a reasonable amount to help cover those costs. This updated payment method for international students continues that commitment.”

“We have an exceptional health-care system in BC, and we want to ensure it remains a fair system for everyone,” Dix said.

“In eliminating MSP premiums for British Columbians and through the health services fee for post-secondary and K-12 international students, we’re ensuring that we all continue to contribute to and benefit from public health care in BC.”

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