BibliU launches digital learning platform for University of Phoenix students

BibliU launches digital learning platform for University of Phoenix students

University of Phoenix has teamed up with BibliU to launch a digital learning platform for its students.

University of Phoenix and BibliU have partnered to provide seamless interactive access to academic resources on a digital platform for its students.

BibliU is a London-based startup that was founded in the University of Oxford Innovation Fund incubator, and provides its digital services to several UK and US higher education institutions.

The University said it aims to make learning more convenient and accessible for its working adult students through the BibliU platform.

‘Millions of titles’ on BibliU platform for University of Phoenix students

BibliU shared that the platform will allow students to gain access to multiple academic resources and digital content in a streamlined manner.

University of Phoenix students will be able to search the millions of titles from 2,000 publishers on the BibliU platform and can download unlimited materials with just one click.

The platform also allows students to sync their comments and highlights across all their devices so their notes are easily accessible on all their devices.

Digital platform will help adult learners manage time ‘effectively’

John Woods, PhD, Provost of University of Phoenix, said: “Our students are working adults who lead busy lives; managing time effectively is crucial to them.

“BibliU’s platform makes it easy to access reading, research and course material they need for their studies. Students can access the digital collection anytime and anywhere just by accessing an app on their computer, tablet, or phone.”

Dave Sherwood, Co-Founder and CEO of BibliU, stated: “The University of Phoenix has always been a pioneer in providing online and digital solutions for their students, and BibliU is excited to help the next generation of the University of Phoenix’s students get the information they need in a rapidly changing world.”

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