ARUCC teams up with Digitary to build Made for Canada network

ARUCC teams up with Digitary to build Made for Canada network

Canadian registrar network ARUCC has teamed up with online platform Digitary to develop its Made for Canada network of online credentials.

The Association of the Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) has announced that it has partnered with Digitary, a global digital platform that supports the verification of academic documentation online.

The partnership seeks to build the Made for Canada National Network, which will enable around 3 million students to access and share their official digitised post-secondary documentation (transcripts and records) online.

ARUCC and Digitary will develop an ‘online credentials wallet’ for students in Canada

ARUCC says it aims to provide post-secondary students access to portable and digitised credentials and transcripts online.

The partnership will mean that students will have 24/7 access to their academic documentation and can share the digitised form from anywhere and at any time.

Romesh Vadivel, President of ARUCC, said: “This partnership with Digitary is incredibly exciting news for learners, the higher education community and our partners. For the first time in Canada’s history, we will be creating a national, secure digital platform for sharing official digitised post-secondary transcripts and credentials.”

Andy Dowling, CEO of Digitary, said: “Leveraging our unique experience with creating national-scale digital transcript solutions, we are looking forward to working with ARUCC, its partners and the Canadian post-secondary institutions, application centres and hubs to build a trusted, innovative solution for Canada that places learners’ needs first.”

It will also mean that Canadian Higher Education Institutes and various application centers can work with the National Network for the exchange of a learner’s official document, provided the learner gives permission. 

The Made for Canada network will provide service and support in both English and French and will be a Canadian storage for student data.

The platform will also be password encrypted and there will also be an automatic recovery of passwords for the learners. 

Multiple institutions selected for pilot programme

Initially, 19 higher education institutes and 4 application centres and hubs are part of the pilot programme.

A non-profit social enterprise, World Education Services, which helps international students attain credential verification in the USA and Canada, is also part of this pilot.

Charmaine Hack, Project Steering Chair at ARUCC and Registrar of Ryerson University, said: “It is a distinct pleasure to partner with Digitary in the creation of the ARUCC National Network.

“As the registrar of a larger, urban university supporting hundreds of thousands of applicants, students, and alumni, we need a solution provider that offers capacity, expertise, ethics and gravitas and whose vision for self-sovereignty for learners aligns with the Canadian context. Digitary fit the bill after a national and international search.”

Digitary was chosen by ARUCC and its partners after a national evaluation team, comprising of 30 Canadian Higher Education leaders, conducted an international RFP process.

The partnership will come into effect from July 2020.

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