Arcadia University and 2U launch coding programs

Arcadia University and 2U launch coding programs

Arcadia University and 2U have launched a set of Semester of Code coding programs for undergraduate students.

Arcadia University, which began its partnership with edtech company 2U in 2019, have launched the “Semester of Code” programs, which will be available for undergraduate students in US universities through Arcadia’s College of Global Studies.

The programs will include a full-stack coding program for 16 credits and a coding internship program for 12 to 16 credits. The intensive, for-credit coding experiences will run in Fall 2020 from September 10 through December 4 this year, with additional cohorts in 2021.

Commenting on the Semester of Code launch, Dr. Jeff Rutenbeck, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Arcadia University, said: “It’s important for universities to offer a variety of innovative and applied learning opportunities to prepare students for a post-COVID workforce.

“This coding program is a hands-on online education option for students that can provide them flexibility in their career searches.”

Arcadia and 2U Semester of Code students to learn front-end development

Both the full-stack coding program and the coding internship program are intended to complement any major, and will be taught by senior software engineers from the technology institution. The courses will include students learning front-end web development.

The programs also will feature virtual classes, self-study content, and on-demand study assistance, Arcadia University said. 

With the creation of the coding courses, Arcadia University shared that its students will learn to ‘think and work as professional software engineers by making technical tradeoffs as they complete four major projects throughout the course of study’.

2U ‘proud’ and optimistic about the collaboration

Andrew Hermalyn, President of Global Partnerships at 2U, said: “2U is proud to partner with Arcadia University to offer undergraduate students high-quality, credit-bearing coding programs at this critical moment.”

Hermalyn also said he believes “every undergraduate should have the opportunity to develop real, practical skills and digital fluency during college”.

By combining Arcadia’s expertise in powering immersive undergraduate learning experiences with 2U’s high-quality, market-relevant coding boot camp curricula and support services, we can provide students with a compelling online education option that keeps them on their learning journeys while preparing them for jobs in the digital economy.”

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