Global L&D market to be worth $446 billion by 2020

Global L&D market to be worth $446 billion by 2020

Beroe Inc., a procurement intelligence firm, has stated that the global Learning and Development (L&D) market is expected to grow to a worth of US$446.1 billion until 2020.

The key driver of the global L&D market is training, and consequently organisations have expanded their investment in the development of training services.

The global L&D market is expected to grow at a rate of 4-5% until 2020.

E-learning services at core of L&D growth in the US and Europe

In developed regions such as Europe and the US, e-learning services are expected to rise, mainly due to a consistent boost in demand for gamification, rapid e-learning tools and an increase in applications offering LMS platforms.

Meanwhile in developing regions such as APAC and Latin America, only a few service providers are equipped technically to integrate VR into e-learning.

North America exhibits a significant growth in e-learning until 2023, making for the most mature market for online learning products globally with a growth rate of 4.4%.

Tech-enabled training is now a better, more efficient solution

Tech-enabled training solutions are transforming traditional training into a more effective and measurable solution though outsourcing to global suppliers.

However, the budget constraints of smaller companies is a major obstacle to the L&D market wherein mid-sized companies have to operate at a trade-off level to produce digital aids.

It is expected that in the near future, most of the L&D roles such as vendor management, reporting and measurement, and strategy development will be outsourced and the core L&D team will be able to focus on the talent management activities of a company.

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