WorldSkills UK study calls for investment in skills education

WorldSkills UK study calls for investment in skills education

A study by WorldSkills UK has found that Britons believe an investment in skills education will be crucial in helping the economy recover and prosper post-COVID-19 and Brexit.

Following Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement of a £1.5 billion investment in adult further education (FE) and college facilities, a WorldSkills UK study found that as many as three-quarters of the surveyed people want to see the Prime Minister invest in vocational education, high-quality skills, and apprenticeships for young people.

Respondents said they believed this strategy with a focus on skills-based education will help Britain combat economic losses caused by COVID-19 as well as help the UK thrive post-Brexit.

UK government needs to lay emphasis on vocational education

The WorldSkills UK survey found that 68% of respondents want the government to prioritise skills, apprenticeships, and vocational education in the upcoming Budget Review.

72% of respondents were of the belief that by investing in high-quality skills, apprenticeships, and vocational education qualifications for young people, the UK economy will be able to bounce back quicker from the impact of COVID-19. 

In addition, 71% of people surveyed believe that investment in skills-based education will also help the UK economy in the aftermath of its exit from the European Union.

WorldSkills UK finds ‘wide public support’ for technical education

Dr Neil Bentley-Gockmann OBE, CEO of WorldSkills UK, said: “These survey results underline the wide public support for high-quality, technical education pathways – helping the next generation forge successful careers and giving employers access to the skilled workforces they need. As we build a skills-led economic recovery from Covid, we must focus on excellence, not just competence, and ensure that we develop a first-class skills system for young people and their employers.

“Higher standards in technical education and apprenticeships not only boost prestige but also help create jobs, fuel productivity and encourage overseas investment. The best way to power our post-Covid recovery is to invest in high-quality skills development which are accessible to everyone, regardless of age or background.

“The Prime Minister’s recent announcements on funding for adult FE and Skills were very encouraging, especially during such a challenging time for not just further education, but the economy as a whole. It is vitally important that we develop a skills system that delivers for all age groups, and tackles vocational snobbery head on using international best practice to deliver the highest standards in technical education. We look forward to seeing more of the Government’s plans on this front through the forthcoming FE White Paper and beyond.”

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