UK, Germany and Australia offer best post-study work visa

UK, Germany and Australia offer best post-study work visa

Australia, UK and Germany are the countries best for post-study work for international students, according to data compiled by Quartz.

Post-study work up to 2 years will be available to students graduating from UK universities after 2020.

The change to policy has been introduced in order to attract “the best and brightest” from across the world to study and work in the UK.

International students accounted for 36% of all master’s students and 43% of doctoral students enrolled at UK universities in 2016, according to the OECD International Migration database.

Until UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson extended the period of time foreign graduates could remain in the UK to find work from four months to two years, the UK was one of the worst for offering post-study work to non-EU nationals who chose to study in the UK.

This is a change that has been made by a number of European countries in the past year to fall in line with a 2016 EU directive requiring a minimum post-study period of nine months for graduates seeking jobs. The UK, Ireland and Denmark didn’t participate in the directive.

Despite these revelations, the USA is still considered the top destination for international students.

Chile, New Zealand and US also have attractive graduate post-study work programmes

Beyond Europe, Chile recently introduced a new visa which allows foreign students with college degrees to seek a job in the country 12 to 24 months after graduation.

In New Zealand, the amount of time that recent graduates of certain graduate programmes can seek a job and work in the country from one year to two or three.

Foreign graduates in the US can apply for a programme called Optional Practical Training (OPT) while on their student visas. It allows students to remain in the US to work for 12 to 36 months depending on a student’s area of study.

More recently, the US has allowed more and more time for graduates in STEM subjects and, as a result, participation in the programme has risen by 400%.

As a result of PM Johnson’s changes, the UK is expected to become a more attractive study abroad destination.

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