UCAS acquires MO University Assistant student support app

UCAS acquires MO University Assistant student support app

UCAS has completed the acquisition of multi-language student support app MO University Assistant to provide better support for international students.

The mobile app MO will be used by UCAS to create a gateway for international postgraduate students attending UK institutions.

As well as providing better support to prospective postgraduate students, the app will also assist with their agents and advisers, as they apply for these UK courses.

With UCAS’ addition of the MO University Assistant app to its ranks, the organisation hopes that this will boost the UK’s ranking in the international student recruitment market.

150,000 international students begin a UK postgraduate course every year

Currently, 450,000 international students are studying in the UK, and as many as 150,000 students begin a UK postgraduate course every year.

UCAS is the UK’s largest single channel for international recruitment – used by over 70,000 international undergraduate students (both EU and non-EU) each year.

UK launched the new Student Route visa system replacing Tier 4 with a 70 points requirement for international students on 5 October 2020, and the new UK post study work (PSW) visa comes into force in Summer 2021.

Just three years ago, the MO app began as a scholarship search platform. From there, it evolved to offer tailored student support – including the ability to match students to postgraduate courses and providing a complete profile of UK universities and colleges – in 15 languages.

MO will now be run as a wholly owned UCAS commercial enterprise

Aaron Powell, Chief Digital and Data Officer at UCAS (and acting Managing Director for MO in the UCAS Group), expressed his anticipation for the developments that this new acquisition will bring about:

“Applying to university is the one of the most important decisions anyone will ever make. We know students make multiple applications to different institutions in different countries.

“We believe a single postgraduate gateway, under the trusted UCAS brand dedicated to UK higher education, will enhance the UK’s competitiveness, and provide students and agents with unrivalled support throughout their application journey.

“For both students and their education advisers and agents, MO is a game-changer. The technology allows for a streamlined application process, eliminating the need to complete multiple applications across different forms, or spend hours searching for postgraduate courses information, scholarships, accommodation, and employment, in different places.”

Myles Jardine, Founder of MO, corroborated these hopes for the benefits that the application will continue to bring to international postgraduate students:

“The UCAS brand is trusted by students, advisers, and agents across the world. With their expertise and connections across higher education, we believe MO can quickly establish itself as the one-stop, end-to-end, marketing, recruitment, and application platform that will fully support students in their journey to UK higher education, and better help UK universities attract and enrol more and more students from across the world.

“Everything we’ve done at MO has been about enhancing the support students have when making that life-changing decision to go to higher education in the UK. That’s why we are so excited by this acquisition by UCAS, as it is an organisation that has the same focus and passion for students that we have.”

Josephine Walbank - Reporter, Global Education Times (GET News)

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