Trinity Business School and Ibec launch COVID-19 courses

Trinity Business School and Ibec launch COVID-19 courses

Trinity Business School and Ibec have teamed up to launch a series of workshops and seminars for businesses on the impact of COVID-19.

Trinity Business School has announced it is teaming up with Ibec, Ireland’s top business confederation, to launch of a free series of workshops and seminars for businesses to rebuild after the COVID-19 economic impact.

The ‘Reboot & Reignite’ series will bring together top academics, business leaders, and industry experts over a series of eight online workshops.

The series hopes to tackle important and pressing challenges that have affected businesses and organisations due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The participants will engage the panel in exploring the raised issues and also brainstorm for workable solutions.

Commenting on the proposed workshop, Professor Andrew Burke, Dean and Chair of Business Studies at Trinity Business School, said: “In the current crisis we felt we had a responsibility to help our communities, to help an eco-system that we benefit from and provide support to businesses struggling after the hardships of a pandemic. In many ways, this became the inspiration for our ‘Reboot and Reignite’ campaign.”

Trinity Business School and Ibec COVID-19 courses to explore economic impact of pandemic

According to the school, the COVID-19 courses which launched late September, will address topics such as ‘How your business can thrive in a recessionary environment’.

The first seminar, led by Michael Flynn, Trinity Business School’s Director of Executive Education, gave participants the opportunity to hear from Danny McCoy, CEO of Ibec, Professor Andrew Burke, Leonora O’Brien, CEO & Founder of Pharmapod, and Bobby Healy, Founder of Manna.

Also joining the programme are business leaders such as Jamie Heaslip, Dr. Rhona Mahony, Bobby Healy, and Dr Kara McGann.

Michael Flynn, Director of Executive Education at Trinity Business School, said: “Arguably, across business, we have seen two huge COVID impacts; slowdown and acceleration. The slowdown in the economy has been paralleled by the rapid acceleration of change in digital transformation, workplace, consumer, and supply chain trends that were already underway.

“The pandemic has also highlighted the need for a more equitable and sustainable economy. This series brings together a dynamic group of leaders and experts who, together with participants, will try to make sense of these long term impacts and explore how leaders can adapt to the challenges they present”.   

Courses will look at ways to reignite the economy following COVID-19 hit

The speakers at the workshop will discuss how individuals can go about ‘reigniting’ their businesses using strategic and innovative thinking, and reimagining their business model in ways that ‘allow you to not waste a good crisis’.

Reflecting on the development, Danny McCoy, CEO of Ibec, said: “As business leaders try to navigate the uncertainties thrown up by public health and economic disruptions, Ibec is delighted to join with Trinity Business School in finding collaborative and innovative thinking on how to reboot and reimagine our businesses.”

The Reboot and Reignite business campaign is designed to challenge business leaders around securing a pathway to recovery which is financially viable, and strategically competitive but also sustainable in terms of the environment and diversity, a Trinity Business School statement said.

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