Student satisfaction in UK up – NSS 2019

Student satisfaction in UK up – NSS 2019

Students in the United Kingdom are more satisfied with their courses, according to the Office for Students’ National Student Survey 2019 results.

In a total of 330,000 students surveyed during the year, the National Student Survey (NSS) said that 84 per cent in the UK were satisfied with the quality of their courses, an increase by a notch from the 83 per cent in 2018. The survey covered various courses and universities.

In England alone, 83 per cent of students were satisfied with their quality of courses. The figure, however, was the same as last year.

Students happier, but much more to be done

NSS found that students surveyed were overall happier with the teaching process, learning resources, and academic support in their universities.

For example, 89 per cent agreed that teaching staff are good at explaining lessons while 87 per cent said that library resources supported their learning well.

“It is good news that overall satisfaction with higher education courses remains high this year,” CEO for the Office for Students Nicola Dandridge said.

However, she noted that there is still more to be done by universities and colleges to ensure that students are provided with clear marking criteria and constructive feedback.

“This survey also shows that not every student is getting the positive experience they deserve … and universities and colleges must listen to what students are telling them and make improvements where needed,” she added.

St Andrews tops academic experience for 11th time in National Student Survey 2019

As for the universities in the UK, the NSS survey showed that the University of St Andrews topped again as the institution for academic experience.

This was the 11th time that the Scottish university has bagged the first spot over the past 13 years.

NSS 2019 found 95 per cent of St Andrews’ final year students gave the university a top mark in providing quality learning and teaching experience.

Meanwhile, the University of Dundee was the only other Scottish university that made through the top ten for overall satisfaction.

NSS is conducted for the OfS by UK-based market research company Ipsos MORI. Its results are used by educational institutions and student unions to improve multiple areas of students’ academic experience.

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