SRH to open new Hamburg campus

SRH to open new Hamburg campus

Germany’s SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences has announced that it will be opening a new location in the city of Hamburg – the SRH Campus Hamburg.

Starting in the autumn semester of 2020-21, the SRH Campus Hamburg will offer English-language postgraduate Masters programmes at its new campus in the city.

The programmes delivered in Hamburg will have a focus on future and industry, with courses in fields such as technology, logistics and business.

SRH Campus Hamburg to have an ‘international’ focus

A statement from the multi-campus SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences told GET News that “an international orientation is the main focus” for the institution.

Sabine Westermann, Director of SRH Campus Hamburg, expressed her pleasure at the institution’s latest expansion.

“The new SRH Campus Hamburg is a valuable addition to Hamburg’s educational landscape. Thanks to the high living standards and moderate living costs, the Hanseatic city is a perfect study destination not only for Germans but also Europeans, Asians, Indians and the rest of the world.”

New campus will offer students the SRH “House of Universities” model

In addition, the new SRH Campus Hamburg is the second SRH campus that is equipped to provide its students with study programmes that have been conceived in different SRH university campuses across Germany.

This method of giving students access to a variety of courses through the one campus has been called the “House of Universities” model.

It is hoped that this new campus in Hamburg will provide strong employment links to students, thanks to its strong economy, as well as facilitating connections with the maritime sector, companies in the aviation industry, IT and media, life sciences and renewable energy.

SRH has students and teaching staff comprising over a 100 nationalities and believes the new Hamburg campus will provide international as well as German students access to career opportunities in international companies operating in the city and its metropolitan region.

SRH working to deliver programmes despite Coronavirus concerns

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) travel and quarantine restrictions are currently affecting the education sector’s student recruitment globally, we asked SRH’s Hamburg director on their ambitious plans for the new campus, to which she struck an optimistic note.

Speaking to Global Education Times, Westermann said:

“We have dedicated many efforts to ensure that our students who are joining us this autumn benefit from a high degree of flexibility. This includes, for example, a later start of courses and the option to begin their studies both on campus and online – the later allowing students to keep up from home and join us on campus upon reception of their visa.

“We have successfully been conducting online seminars for our students, both national and international, since March 2020, and we are fairly confident that the solutions we have set up will match our students’ expectations.”

Westermann also noted that SRH believes Hamburg will prove to be an attractive destination for students, with its quality of life and job opportunities a particularly big draw.

She added: “Hamburg is the perfect mix of industrial, yet healthy, fun, yet safe, creative yet wealthy, international yet German at the same time. Thanks to its port and strong service sector, it is a logistics hub and is home to many businesses from the technology, media, retail or renewable energies industry.

“Hamburg has a well-known cultural scene, moderate living costs and a dynamic job market, which makes the city very attractive to students from Germany and abroad.”

The confirmed programmes that will be offered by SRH Campus Hamburg are MSc Software Engineering and MA International Business and Leadership, for which the institution is currently accepting applications from prospective students for the Autumn 2020 term.

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