Shaw Academy sees 795% rise in enrolment since March

Shaw Academy sees 795% rise in enrolment since March

Online education provider Shaw Academy has seen a 795% increase in its enrolments since the Coronavirus lockdown began on 23 March.

Shaw Academy, an online educational platform that provides skill-based courses, has seen an exponential increase in student enrolment since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic-driven lockdown on 23 March.

The organisation reported that its increase in enrolments as 795% across more than 50 courses from students all over the world.

James Egan, CEO and founder of Shaw Academy, said: “This will likely be the first time that many people have had enough spare time to ask themselves what they really want to do and actually do something about it.”

Enrolment growth across all subjects of study for Shaw Academy

The increase in enrolment is in all the courses Shaw Academy offers across a variety of subjects.

Egan added: “Although this is undoubtedly a challenging time for the majority of us, we may never have this extra time to educate ourselves or upskill in the same way again.”

As an example, Shaw Academy said that its Web Development Diploma has seen a great increase of 1,021%, while 11 times more applicants have applied for its Social Media Diploma since the start of the lockdown. 

Shaw Academy believes that most people are interested in the Web Development Diploma and the Social Media Diploma as it is a career that can be done whilst working remotely and neither is it desk-based or industry-specific. 

The pandemic has resulted in educational institutions and companies moving online and making use of remote learning and work and many people have turned to Shaw Academy to upskill during the lockdown.

According to data from Shaw Academy, online learning is most popular in the age group of 25-34 year olds and this age group has enrolled the most on Shaw Academy.

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2 thoughts on “Shaw Academy sees 795% rise in enrolment since March

  1. I signed up for the free trial with Shaw academy to evaluate it as a potential learning platform for my company. Imagine my surprise when I found $80 deducted from my corporate credit card with no intimation, no receipt, no confirmation. I contacted Support of Shaw academy and was told that ‘clicking on the toolkit automatically purchases it’ – this, even without confirming my card details. They automatically track and store credit card details, and even without you clicking to confirm purchase, just clicking to ‘learn more’ apparently deducts the amount. This is clear fraud. I forwarded 2 emails I received asking me to ‘complete my transaction’ indicating that I had never purchased the said toolkit, and mentioned I had never even received an invoice. Immediately, the response by Shaw academy was to generate fraudulent invoices for 2 toolkits of the same course! When I pointed this out, they said it was a ‘duplicate transaction’ but still refused to issue the refund. Utter disregard of rights, complete fraud. Clearly that is how they count their ‘students’ – simply clicking on ‘learn more’ or ‘signing up for free trial’ seems to count towards their numbers – clear deception.
    Shaw academy is a scam. When you sign up they mention a ‘free trial’ and ask you to sign up for free courses. Then they will deduct your credit card for the ‘course toolkit’, not issue you any invoice or receipt. It’s a FRAUD. Customer service mentions refunds cannot be issued as the Shaw academy only aims to cheat you of money. Do NOT sign up. It is NOT free. Beware of providing your card details. I would definitely not use this as a learning platform and recommend you to stay away from their website.

  2. Rise in ‘enrollment’ is due to the ‘free trial’ offered which automatically then results in deduction of funds from your supplied payment option. Shaw academy is a fraud, and deceptively deducts funds without your knowledge multiple times. Then they calculate those towards their ‘enrollment’ count and refuse to issue refunds. Not accredited. Not recommended. Please spread awareness so that more are not defrauded into signing up for the free trial and their money stolen. I have written multiple times to their support team who refuse to issue refund despite acknowledging duplicate transaction, and despite providing them clear email evidence that transactions were NOT completed but money was deducted anyway.

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