Russia to welcome over 7000 foreign IT students

Russia to welcome over 7000 foreign IT students

Russia wants to attract more than 7,000 foreign IT students and school leavers to its universities by 2021 as part of a drive to develop digital literacy.

This comes as part of the launch of the Russian initiative ‘Human Resources for the Digital Economy’, announced by Rossotrudnichestvo head Eleonora Mitrofanova at a press conference last Wednesday.

Rossotrudnichestvo is the Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation.

Ms Mitrofanova said: “The programme is part of the federal project Digital Economy. Under the programme, we are planning to forge ties between compatriots abroad and Russian scientific and cultural centres as well as to attract talented foreign young people to Russian universities.

“In particular, we have plans to draw on more than 7,000 foreign school leavers by 2021 to study IT at Russian universities.”

The move by Russia to attract more foreign students was welcomed by one of the country’s top IT studies-delivering universities, ITMO University.

Speaking exclusively to Global Education Times, Irina Kim, Head of the International Cooperation Department at ITMO University, said:

“This programme initiates a good trend in promoting Russian IT education abroad to attract schoolchildren of different levels, from elementary to high school students, as well as teachers and administrative staff. ”

“All activities within the programme aim to enhance the prestige of Russian IT education and make it visible on global educational market,” Kim added.

Rossotrudnichestvo will introduce best practices in Russian schools abroad

One of the agency’s objectives that Mitrofanova drew attention to was to introduce best practices in Russian schools abroad that will develop digital literacy, which “not only will upgrade the training at those educational institutions, but will also make those schools more attractive for the local population.”

She added: “We want to form a responsible digital behaviour and increase interest in programmeming and robotic technology, especially among young people, so as to educate the talented youth and find jobs in Russia [for them].”

Mitrofanova also state that a wide range of events have been scheduled to be held across 37 countries.

“Many ideas are being already implemented. Among them are international hackathons in engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia and Germany, carried out by the Bauman Moscow State Technical Unviersity, as well as high-tech seminars in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan along with digital online Olympiads for students of Russian schools abroad.

“A particular feature of the programme is that Russia offers creative, modern solutions that target specific age and professional groups on the basis of digital products.”

As part of Rossotrudnichestvo’s programmeme, over 40 international resources for teachers and students will be launched. Major Russian technical universities will help implement the programmeme until 2021.

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