Proodle launches app for international student enrolment

Proodle launches app for international student enrolment

Proodle Solutions has launched an app for university enrolment that it claims will transform the international student enrolment experience for both higher education marketing and recruitment teams.

Launched in 2017, Proodle Solutions is comprised of an international team who faced many problems when they applied to study in the UK.

These problems included a lack of personalisation in marketing materials, slow communication with recruitment teams and difficulty in finding information.

Importantly, they felt the universities’ lack of digital mobile presences hindered them from establishing a meaningful, ongoing connection.

Proodle university enrolment app solves the current problem for both students and HEIs

Shrenik Paras Parmar, CEO of Proodle Solutions, acknowledged that the current generation of students are digital natives and therefore the logical solution was to build a mobile platform to maximise their satisfaction with the university enrolment process.

The app is designed to allow universities to stand out as the best institution in a highly saturated market.

Parmar explained: “Universities in the UK and abroad only provide a website as an official channel to their prospective students for their entire enrolment process.

“I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could build a unique app that would allow any university to tap into the world of technology that students are familiar with, achieve their enrolment objectives with higher conversion rates and stand out as the best institution in a highly competitive market.”

Proodle app offers real-time updates instead of dated email communication

The Proodle app allows universities to personalise messaging, analyse user behaviour and update content in real-time.

This allows the universities to reshape their entire relationship with prospects through optimising their enrolment experience and increasing satisfaction levels like never before.

Parmar added: “Other online recruitment platforms either act as a marketplace or provide SAAS solutions that are used by university professionals and still communicate through emails.

“We haven’t come across a single platform that offers a holistic enrolment approach, and that provides and official university platform for students to interact, engage, apply and enrol.”

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