Foreign students studying in Poland record 1,008% growth in 18 years

Foreign students studying in Poland record 1,008% growth in 18 years

A significant surge in foreign students studying in Poland for the past 18 years is offsetting a decline in the number of Polish students enrolled in colleges and universities.

A fact sheet by Study in Poland showed that the number of foreign students in the country soared by 1,008 percent to 72,743 in 2018 from only 6,563 recorded in 2001. For the past year alone, the country has seen a 10.6-percent increase in inbound students from 65,793 in 2017.

Ukraine, Belarus top foreign students studying in Poland

Nationals from Ukraine and Belarus were the top countries sending students in the said country. In Academic Year 2017-2018 alone, there were 37,829 Ukrainians and 6,044 Belarusians entering Poland to study.

India followed as third with 2,987 students with the increase owed to the said country’s lack of internationalised institutions which prompt students to study globally while Spain was fourth with 1,889 students. The number of Swedes totalled to 1,160; Norwegians, to 1,466—a dropping number; Turkey increased to 1,807; Czech Republic sent 1,448; and Germany 1,257.

Chinese market in focus for foreign student recruitment

In Asia, Taiwan sent 853 students, and the country was said to be focusing on the Chinese market, while there was a significant growing trend in markets from Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Thailand, Bangladesh, and Tajikistan.

Meanwhile, the number of students from the United States was flat while Canada inched up to 393.

Study in Poland said that foreigners currently make up of 5.63 percent of the total number of students in the country, marking a significant jump from the 4.88 percent in Academic Year 2016-2017 and from only 0.71 percent a decade ago.

“[The] increase [in] internationalisation ratio, which is 5.63 percent, is due to the fact that more and more foreign students study at Polish universities as well as [a] decrease in the total number of [Polish] students,” the report read.

Meanwhile, there were 1.29 million Polish students enrolled in Academic Year 2017-2018, or 57,000-less than the previous school year. The number was said to be dropping continuously year-on-year.

 Despite growth in inbound students, Study in Poland said that foreign students’ entry to its country was still fewer compared with students studying in Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) countries.


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