Number of foreign students in Germany rises again

Number of foreign students in Germany rises again

The number of foreign students in Germany grew again last year, albeit at a slower pace as compared with 2017, according to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

In its annual report, DAAD said that the number of foreign students who entered Germany last year grew to 374,580 from the 358,900 in 2017, but growth was slightly slower by 4.4 percent than the 5.5 percent reported in 2017.

All of its top 10 sending markets grew during the period except for Russia and France which sent slightly fewer students to 10,975 and 7,200, respectively.

Austria was up 5.5 percent to 11,130; Italy, up 4 percent to 8,910; Syria jumped 69 percent to 8,620; Turkey grew 9.7 percent to 7,635; Iran rose 6 percent to 7,530; Cameroon inched up by 1 percent to 7,345. Meanwhile, Ukraine fell out.

Of the total number of students, the country’s Bildungsauslaender—or those who have obtained higher education entrance qualifications outside Germany—grew to 282,002 from 256,485 in 2017, whereas the Bildungsinlaender, or those who obtained such education within Germany—dropped to 92,580 from 93,410 registered in the same comparable period.

At present, foreign students now comprise of 13.2 percent of all university students in Germany, up from 12.8 percent in 2017.

DAAD said that the most popular fields of study are engineering with 38 percent, and law, economics, and social sciences with 25.7 percent.

Foreign students in Germany know it is a popular study abroad destination

Germany remains one of the popular study destinations given the 4.4-percent growth in inbound students.

However, the report underscored vigorous competition with other countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and China.

US reported a growth in international student’s entry by 1.5 percent, while Canada was higher by 16.3 percent. Australia’s growth hit 12.8 percent, while UK inched up by 4 percent. China also eked out by 1 percent.

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