NEOMA launches fully virtual campus

NEOMA launches fully virtual campus

France’s NEOMA Business School has launched a fully virtual campus that will exist as an exclusively digital academic institution.

The new NEOMA virtual campus has been developed in partnership with VR/AR specialists Laval Virtual, and will exist as a 100% digital academic institution.

French business school NEOMA said the virtual campus is designed to provide its students with the same interactions and atmosphere that they would have in a real campus.

The intention behind this is to provide students who are in a position where they have to undertake their studies in a remote location, with the most authentic academic experience possible.

NEOMA claimed authenticity in its education delivery will be achieved through a combination of factors, including a personalised avatar, which will allow students to move through the campus as if they were there in person.

Students can also partake in their studies by attending a virtual building, where they can meet fellow students and attend conferences.

NEOMA virtual campus will be accessible 24 hours a day

The NEOMA virtual campus also consists of a full school services ecosystem, including a Talent & Career Centre, a Wellness Centre, library and incubators. The entire campus will be accessible to students round the clock, 24 hours a day.

NEOMA revealed the new digital campus was initially created for the use of international students, who had been prevented from attending one of NEOMA’s physical campuses at the start of this academic year.

As a result of its success, the virtual campus is now being expanded for the use of NEOMA’s entire student body.

The digital campus and personalised avatar features are designed to create a more organic, friendly atmosphere for these students.

NEOMA said it hopes this virtual learning environment will enable the preservation of collaborative work between students, and the opportunity to partake in active discussions with their professors, despite the shift to online learning.

Students can wander around the virtual campus with a personalised avatar

Earlier this year, NEOMA Business School was recognised by AACSB as one of the world’s top institutions in terms of its levels of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School, takes great pride in the achievement of this personal, community-based atmosphere:

“Distance learning through Zoom and video-conferences cannot replace the invaluable contributions of in-class experience. This new virtual campus is midway between these two formats and combines the advantages of digital and physical pedagogic approaches by having them work off each other.”

Alain Goudey, Director of NEOMA’s Digital Transformation, likewise corroborated this statement:

 “The avatar reworks the concept of telepresence by avoiding the tiring aspects of video-conferences. You can open a door, raise your hand, sit down, applaud or even play football on the football pitch.

“There are many different features that are based on daily, physical gestures and movements, which make the experience natural and enjoyable.”

Pic: NEOMA youtube

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