Ireland extends online student visa renewal system

Ireland extends online student visa renewal system

Ireland has extended its online student visa renewal system for non-EEA students in Dublin, including English language school students.

As part of Ireland’s response to the fallout caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, non-EEA students studying in Dublin can now apply for a renewal of their visa online.

The announcement was made by Charlie Flanagan, Dublin’s Minister for Justice and Equality, on 22 June.

It will now be far easier for returning non-EEA national students who are continuing their studies in Dublin to apply for renewal of their permission to reside in Ireland.

A new online Registration Renewal System has been launched by the government, so that these students seeking to renew their registration will be able to do so entirely online; no longer having to book an appointment or attend the registration office in person.

Ireland online student visa renewal service still only available to Dublin students

Currently, the online renewal service is only available to students based in either Dublin City or Dublin County.

Charlie Flanagan TD, Minister for Justice & Equality of the Republic of Ireland, said: “I know that applicants have historically experienced difficulties in obtaining an appointment but the new online system should solve that because it will allow this category of applicants to complete their renewal online without having to book an appointment and then personally attend the registration office.”

This service will enable students to post their passport and IRP card then have these documents stamped and returned to them upon approval. The online application process is being provided by Ireland’s Immigration Online portal.

New Registration Renewal System enables students seeking to renew their registration to do so entirely online

The online Irish student visa renewal system, which was launched last year, requires a registration fee of €300.

Amongst other required documents, students will also have to provide written proof that they have an attendance record of over 85% at their school / college, and proof of their exam results.

The online Registration Renewal System states that it aims to process these applications within 10-15 working days (once they have received the necessary documentation).

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