International College Dundee students receive £5000 scholarship

International College Dundee students receive £5000 scholarship

International College Dundee (ICD) has announced that 15% of last year’s academic cohort have received the Global Excellence Scholarship awarded by the University of Dundee.

As part of the scholarship, students receive £5000 each towards their second-year degree tuition by the university.

This prestigious award recognises students who have achieved outstanding academic performance while studying at ICD.

This year’s results have exceeded expectations, with a 50% increase in the number of students being awarded the scholarship compared to the previous year.

The increasing number of students who can fulfil their academic potential while are the college demonstrates ICD’s commitment to excellence and the support offered to international students.

One student who has received this award is Shruthi Kuttian from UAE who studied the International Stage One (IS1) in Social Studies and is continuing into the second year of a Law degree with the University of Dundee.

Shruthi stated: “It would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the ICD staff and the excellent standard that college maintains.”

The programme prepares international students for study at University of Dundee

Dr Corinne Wales, College Director at International College Dundee, said: “Many of our students enter the college needing support to recognise their academic potential or improve their English language skills.

“What our team of teachers and support staff try to do here is to give each student the skills and confidence they need to bring out the best in themselves. One of our scholarship students this year started on out 12 weeks pre-sessional.”

ICD provides the first stage of an integrated four-year degree at undergraduate level, or an integrated Master’s degree at postgraduate level before students continue to study directly with the University of Dundee for the remainder of their degree.

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