IE University to invest €10 million into sustainability initiative

IE University to invest €10 million into sustainability initiative

IE University is looking to invest €10 million in its ‘10 Year Challenge’ as part of its new sustainability strategy, and will have various annual projects running from 2020 to 2030.

The initiative is part of its sustainability strategy to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases to zero by the year 2030, with responsible consumption being the focus of this year’s project. 

IE University stated that it wants to give a centrefold position to sustainability in all aspects of the institution. For this, the institution believes it will have to rethink the curriculum, campus operations, and organisational culture.

IE wants to promote eco-friendly policies

IE University has a Sustainability Office that aims to promote social and environmental policies, teaching and research, as well as run awareness campaigns, and take other relevant initiatives.

The university will also award scholarships to students from around 100 countries and they have also formed the IE Resilience Scholarship Fund (COVID-19) with initial funding of €5 million.

The university claims it spends 1,800 hours per year training undergraduate and graduate students on sustainability topics, and it plans to double this amount by 2030.

IE University students also take part in various sustainability initiatives such as the Social Impact Lab and Financiers sin Fronteras (FsF). 

Isabela del Alcázar, Global Head of Sustainability at IE University, said: “At IE University, we have thought extensively about what the future will look like and what kind of education our students should receive in order to thrive in it. Our values come from a belief that we can use innovation and technology to break down boundaries, benefiting people the world over.

“We are committed to sustainability and have therefore adapted our education model at all levels to help people think and behave in ways that foster a more sustainable planet, global citizenship, recycling, climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy and social responsibility.”

Initiatives by IE University to reach sustainability goal

IE university’s main goal is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by the year 2030. To achieve this they aim to reduce the purchase of bottled water 100% by 2021 as well as reduce the consumption of paper by staff and students by 100% by 2020. 

The university also aims to reduce the consumption of energy on the campus through lighting and air-conditioning as well as decrease the use of single packing plastic and move on to recycled products and recycling of waste by 50%.

IE University said it hopes to bring forward new methods of moving from campus buildings for students and staff through the use of sustainable transport.

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