IBAT College Dublin Launches Modular MBA

IBAT College Dublin Launches Modular MBA

Irish enterprise-focused third level institution IBAT College Dublin has announced the launch of its Modular MBA.

IBAT College Dublin’s Modular MBA is designed to allow the completion of the programme on a module-by-module basis.

The programme will seek to enhance flexibility in IBAT’s education delivery by providing executives with an avenue for the pursuit of continuing education while they work, thereby reducing the financial burdens associated with obtaining an MBA.

IBAT College Dublin, which was established in 2004, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, English language courses and professional education across a range of subject areas including business, accounting, ICT, and management.

IBAT Modular MBA to consist of 6 modules

Accredited by the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, the IBAT Modular MBA will comprise 6 modules/standalone courses, meaning that the modules are based on specific learning around key management themes which include Strategic Management, Digital Entrepreneurship, and Finance for Managers.

Similarly, with these modules, students can choose to study some of the modules and achieve qualifications for each module separately. Alternatively, students may also elect to continue with the MBA programme after each module is completed.

Commenting on the development, Boaz Arbel, Joint Interim Managing Director at IBAT College Dublin, said: “IBAT’s Modular MBA is truly innovative in structure. With the high costs generally associated with obtaining an MBA, students in the modular programme pay for one module at a time. This gives our students peace of mind from a financial standpoint.”

Each module will cost €1,800 with once-a-week classes

IBAT stated that the modules will cost €1,800 payable at the commencement of each module, which makes the financial implication for the programme limited to the cost of each module.

The MBA classes will be delivered once every week to afford the student the flexibility they deserve and to have control over their schedule.

With this, students can continue working during the completion of their coursework whilst having the liberty of applying their newfound skills immediately back in their workplace.

Arbel added: “The ability for students to take breaks between modules offers great flexibility for our students as well as gives them the choice to tailor their MBA by choosing which module to study first.

“With the reduced financial stress and flexibility that we offer, we look forward to welcoming students to the programme and supporting them in their MBA journey with us.”

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