EU4E consortium to launch European University for Entrepreneurs

EU4E consortium to launch European University for Entrepreneurs

A group of universities led by ESCP Europe has set up the EU4E consortium, with a view to launching a European University for Entrepreneurs.

Under the leadership of the world’s oldest business school ESCP Europe, the European University for Entrepreneurs (EU4E) Consortium will submit its European University project at the next call for projects of the European Commission on European universities.

The EU4E Consortium is comprised of: ESCP Europe Paris Campus, ESCP Europe Berlin Campus, ISM University of Management and Economics (Lithuania), Kozminski University (Poland), Mondragon University (Spain), Portuguese Catholic university (Portugal), and Oulu University (Finland).

The partners of the EU4E Consortium have completed the first phase of the project with the signature of an MoU between themselves.

The ambition of the EU4E is to become the global benchmark on the theme of entrepreneurship education.

EU4E wants to establish pan-European education platform for entrepreneurs

With ESCP Europe celebrating its bicentenary in 2019, the oldest Business School pays tribute to one of its founders, the famous liberal economist Jean-Baptiste Say, who is credited with coining the concept of the “entrepreneur”.

Professor Frank Bournois, Dean of ESCP Europe, said: “ESCP Europe is the cradle of entrepreneurship and innovation.

“As the first business school of the world, the first pan-European school, it is committed to promoting a dynamic European Economic Area, by offering, with complementary partners, the first European university dedicated to entrepreneurship.

“This sector is strategic for the place of Europe in a world shaped by innovation and disruption.”

Professor Witold T. Bielecki, rector of Kozminski University, adds: “Our contribution to the EU4E project is the unique entrepreneurial spirit of the Polish economy that helped us to catch up with other European countries after the EU accession in 2004.

“Since its foundation in 1993, Kozminski University has been a key player in growing the Polish economy, helping businesses by supplying them with skilled, innovative and ethical managers”.

Earlier this year, we reported on the launch of the European Education Area, a network which, if this project by EU4E is successful, the European University for Entrepreneurs will become a part.

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